“Cultural Heritage: Reprints of Gr.Tatishvili’s Books” (2010). Collection and publication of reprints of Georgian graphic designer and the first xylographer Grigol Tatishvili. Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Preservation of Cultural Monuments of Georgia. Output: Grigol Tatishvili. Reprints. Tbilisi. 2011


Evaluation of the Two UNICEF - funded Projects:  “Prevention of Infant Abandonment and De-institutionali­zation” (PIAD) and “Family Support and Foster Care Project” (FS&FC).(2006). Evaluation of the projects, studying the effect  of  family and community-based alternatives to children institutions.  Supported by UNICEF and  carried out  in collaboration with the Italian-based Development Research Network (DRN).  Output: Unpublished Report

“Mid-Term Review of the Humanitarian Situation and Strategy 2005 and the Preparations for a Similar Strategy Development for 2006”. 2005.  Assessing the impact of the Humanitarian Situation and Strategy 2005 (HSS 2005) for Georgia. Output: Conference, Mid-Term Review of the Humanitarian Situation and way for Development 2006. UN 2005. (Also in Georgian). 


“Selection and Economic Evaluation of Roads to Support Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation in Georgia: Secondary and Local Roads”. (2004). Assessment of the impact on poverty reduction of the rehabilitation of the local and intra-state roads through carrying out a  baseline survey and working out  methodology  for selecting roads and areas with maximum potential impact. Commissioned by World Bank through INOCSA (Spain). Output: Unpublished report.

“Marketing Research of Freight Forwarding in Georgia”. (2004). Analysis of freight forwarding market in Georgia, assessing the market position of the client, revealing his strong and weak points, providing recommendations for improving the quality of services aiming at  increase of  the number of customers. Commissioned by  the freight forwarding company. Output: Unpublished Report.

“Advisory Services on Private Sector Participation Options in the Water and Wastewater Sector of Georgia.”(2004).  The study of the situation of water and wastewater management in Georgia, with the special focus on the prospects of the privatisation of the sector. Commissioned by World Bank through  CENN. Output:  Unpublished report.

“Human Resource Management Plan for the Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine Production”. (2004). Study of the organizational structure of the institute, aimed at working out the plan of its optimisation, of organisational restructuring, capacity building, and designing staff assessment system.  Output: Unpublished report; Staff assessment system.

“Human Development Report – Georgia, 2003-2004”. (2003-2004). One of the co-directors of the IPS – George Tarkhan-Mouravi – was involved in the preparation and writing of the bi-annual publication by the UN Development Programme – National Human Development Report.  Output: Human Development Report 2003-2004. Tbilisi. UNDP. 2004.


 “Needs Assessment and Conceptual Outline of the Development Strategy for Two Districts of Samtskhe-Javakheti”. (2003). Analytical paper on  Akhalkalaki and Akhaltsikhe regions, outlining the prospects of the development of the districts based on existing socio-economic and demographic data.  Funded by  OSGF. Output: Unpublished report.


 “The Non-Farm Economy in Post-Soviet Georgia: A Study of Three Rural Communities”.(2002-2003). Study of the access to rural non-farm employment and to  income diversification in rural Georgia. Funded by DFID, implemented in cooperation with Natural Resources Institute . Output: Sumbadze, N. “The Non-Farm Economy in Post-Soviet Georgia: A Study of Three Rural Communities . In: DFID & NRI . Supporting Access to Rural Non-farm Employment and Income diversification. 2003. On CD.