“Support of the State Policy on Social Integration of Disabled through their Job Placement”.(2008). Study aimed at  designing  an effective policy for the employment of disabled and in this way promoting their self-sufficiency and integration into community. Supported by  Eurasia Partnership Foundation . Output: Sumbadze, N. (2009). Possibilities of the employment of people with disabilities: Study results and recommendations. IPS . Tbilisi (In Georgian with summary in English). Persons with Disabilities. (2009). IPS Tbilisi. (In Georgian).

“Qualitative Survey on Disability and Living Standards in Georgia”. (2007). The study focuses on mapping the problems faced by disabled persons in Georgia, provides recommendations for their integration  into society. Supported by World Bank and implemented in cooperation with PA Consulting. Output: Sumbadze,N. with T. Yamova.Qualitative survey of disability and living standards in Georgia (2007). World Bank.  Report in Georgian and English.


“Public Health Administration, Management and Policy: Country Research Paper - Georgia.(2003). Analysis of the situation and teaching  public health administration and policy  in Georgia.  Output: Presentation at conference:  Sumbadze, N. (2003). Understanding health-related behavior of the population: Pre-condition for designing effective health policy. Paper presented at the 11-th NISPASee conference in Bucharest, Romania. Publication: Sumbadze, N., & Dolidze, K. (2004). Public health administration, management and policy education and training: Georgia. In: J.Nemec & K.Tolo (eds). Health Care Delivery Systems: Opportunities for the Public Management Education in Central and Eastern Europe. NISPAcee: Bratislava. 2004.