Determinants and Consequences of Civic Participation" Tbilisi 2013. The study was supported of the Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN).

“Civic Participation in Transforming Society: Motivational Forces, Social Capital and Trust” (2010-2012). Supported by ASCN grant the project studies the impact of trust and motivations to control and to belong of members in instrumental and expressive voluntary organizations.  Output: Report to be published in December, 2012


“Participation of Youth in Democratic Processes” (2010). Supported by OSGF grant, project studied the problems of youth integration in public life and finding ways for increasing participation. Directory of youth organizations were also compiled. Output: Sumbadze,N., Maisuradze,M. (2010). Participation of Youth in Democratic Processes: Study Results and Directory of Youth Organizations. IPS. Tbilisi. (IN Georgian and English).


“Public participation in democratic processes”. (2002-2003). International IDEA (Stockholm) project aimed at the analysis of the existing situation regarding the political participation of Georgian citizens in building democracy, as well as in understanding and explaining existing limitations and possibilities within the process. Output: Sumbadze, N. (2003). Civic Participation in Public and political Life. In: Building Democracy in Georgia. Discussion paper 7. International IDEA: Stockholm. Pp. 29-35. (In English and Georgian).


“Community Input into the Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth Programme (PREGP) in Georgia”. (2002).  The coalition project, funded by USAID through  Mercy Corps, implied meeting community based organisations (CBOs) in various parts of Georgia, in order to enhance civic participation in the PREGP process. Output: Community feedback, suggestions concerning community involvement in the monitoring and assessment of the PREGP implementation presented to the Governmental Commission for Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Programme.


“Support of Civil Participation in the Work of the Local Council of Vale, Georgia.” (2002).  The project funded by the British DFID through GOCISP aimed at strengthening the role of the local council  of Vale Township, a small town in  southern Georgia and promoting civil participation of the population groups, specifically teachers and medical doctors. Outcomes:  meetings of council members with the population, shooting and broadcasting  TV film on the work of local council and people’s expectations toward it, publishing a brochure, printing a poster on the principles of operation of local councils. Sumbadze, N. (2003). Local governance in Vale. Center for Social Development of Meskheti  and IPS. (In Georgian).

“A Mapping Study of NSA Sector in Georgia”.  (2008). Funded by  Euro commission through IBF International Consulting (Belgium) the  study  was focused on identifying  strengths, weakness and problems facing civil society. Recommendations for the strengthening non-state actors were formulated. Output: Mincheva, L. with experts of IPS. A Mapping Study of NSA Sector in Georgia. (2008).

Directory: Non-government Organizations of Tbilisi Working on Public Policy. (2006). Book published in cooperation with CTC lists and describes the structure and activities of local Think-Tanks focusing on public policy. Output:  Directory: Non-Government Organizations of Tbilisi Working on Public Policy. (2006)  Compiled by N.Sumbadze. Tbilisi: IPS and CTC. (In Georgian and English)