The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) is an independent not-for-profit research organization focused on promoting contemporary public policy concepts and practices in Georgia.

The Institute was launched in Tbilisi in  2002. The idea was to create a think tank  for studying and monitoring most solvent social and political processes and issues, initiating public debate around these, developing respective policy recommendations and initiatives, promoting ideas of good governance and democratic state-building.
IPS is a founding member of PASOS (Policy Association for an open Society),

According to The Global “Go-_To Think Tanks” 2010 publication IPS was ranked  as one of the top 75 Think Tank  in the world and as one of the top 25 among Central and Eastern European Think Tanks.


Activities: Policy analyses, trainings, project evaluations and organizational consultancy

Main fields: Public opinion, civil society and democracy,  forced migration, generations and gender, health, Regional policies and  sectoral policies, organizational consultancy. .